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“As our clients and their congregations climb the ladder of life in pursuit of a God-focused life, the coach is there to: steady the ladder in times of uncertainty or fear by providing a firm grip; encourage the next scary step into the unknown through words of encouragement; facilitate the pace of progress up the ladder through focus on the goals and milestones; and assure the promise of reaching the top of the ladder through prayerful teaching.” PIP Coach

Through individual and congregational coaching, Passion in Partnership infuses life-giving practices into the Body of Christ through relationships between laity, clergy and the community.

Outcomes for Pastors

  • Inspired pastors with effective habits growing into powerful ministry
  • Self-awareness of gifts, talents, short comings, growing edges
  • Understanding of how others experience their leadership
  • Embracing a spirit of partnership with their congregation
  • Techniques and tools for successful change management integrated into their ministry
  • Positive accountability providing life-giving supervision of staff
  • Creation of a bridge between theoretical theological education and life in the local parish

Outcomes for congregations:

  • Smooth transition of pastoral leadership
  • Greater understanding of the role of laity in the leadership of the local church
  • Aware of the congregational life cycle and where they are in the journey
  • Healthy communications including conflict resolution and change management
  • Techniques and tools for vision casting and strategic planning